Friday, 1 August 2014

Our first wet day. Don't like it!

Well, we have done well thus far weather wise and it could not last.  No surprise that today was a tad damp, they did forecast it.

We were on the move just after 0830 after making use of the services opposite our mooring. It was cloudy, but dry and we pottered out of Marple past the moored boats on tick over.  This speed seems alien to folks around here. We always pass moored boats slowly, pity this is not reciprocated and it is not hire boats that are the main culprits!

Anyway, soon out of the metropolis and the rain started. This was earlier than forecast, but was steady rather than heavy so was a gentle reminder of typical British summer weather. As usual, I could see a glimmer of sunshine which remained invisible to Ali, although I even began to doubt myself as the rain pattered down....

Soon through High Lane and then Higher Poynton. Past the "Illegal" tea boat, according to signs erected by the cafe owners near Braidbar's yard. And still it rained...

We had sort of planned on mooring at Bollington.  You can hear the "BUT" coming here.  Same boats appear to be on the 48 hour moorings as when we passed several days ago and no room in the Inn for us, so onward went we.  The clouds did begin to break by this time and even Ali could see the glimmer of sunshine between the rain drops.  Soon passed through the ever delightful Macclesfield with it's welcoming moorings! 

We approached Gurnett.  Rounded the bend and there were spaces on the aqueduct moorings!  So dodged in, moored up and erected the pram hood. Then it poured down!  Settled in for today and tomorrow, when we hope to meet up with Paul and Elaine, ex N.B. Caxton owners.

So not too bad a day despite the British summer.

Leaving Marple

This is a lovely little boat, with a great chap in his 70's the owner, 
we have met him a few times over the years, he comes from March, Cambs, 
and travels the canals each summer

We weren't alone travelling in the rain showers

This calf was not very old, it was very wobbly on its feet

 White Nancy - supporting a 50, to celebrate the 50th anniversary
 of  Bollington Arts Festival

A bit misty but still fabulous views

The herons along the Macc do not even move when you approach,
they just turn away ..

.. and then resume their fishing position as you have past

Miles 12
Locks 0

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