Sunday, 10 August 2014

Chillin in Chester. ( Well Christleton really )

This morning was foul, with heavy rain.  We had decided to sit tight today and a peek at the BBC Weather site revealed this warning.

"There is the potential for severe weather over much of the UK during Sunday as a complex depression tracks over the UK. There continues to be a great deal of uncertainty in the forecast but the public should be aware of the risk of flooding due to heavy rain as well as strong winds and large waves, particularly on the coasts of southern England and areas bordering the northern Irish Sea. Given the unseasonable nature of the weather this could be sufficient to disrupt transport and make outdoor activities dangerous."

So, we decided to have a lazy day and stay where we were.  Not a bad spot in reality, we can think of many worse places to hunker down.  As we had booked into the pub for a mid afternoon lunch, we kept cosy whilst the rain hammered down.

Mid afternoon, the rain turned to showers and we made the leap to the pub for lunch, and very good it was to.  The wind began to increase during the afternoon and late on we decided to walk around the beautiful village that is Christleton.  Some wonderful houses here.

So, all being well, we will wind tomorrow and begin the journey towards Liverpool.

Christleton Village

This was the starter at the Botanist

and this was the bike/light/fan above the bar

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