Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hedonism is a school of thought that argues that pleasure is the only intrinsic good

That be us at the moment!  Yesterday, we sat tight on our moorings at Gurnett.  The weather was foul, with a cold wind and heavy rain.  So why move?  Good question, but plenty did and all the luck to them.  But did they seem happy, well no....  They looked cold, miserable and grumpy.  So glad we chucked on another log figuratively, and moved not.

We had an ulterior motive.  Paul and Elaine, now of were in the area and we had arranged a meet in the evening at a rather select pub, close to the canal as you can get, but missing from our Nicholson's. So starved ourselves all day ready for the evening and swapped war stories with fellow boaters at the moorings.

The weather ameliorated by late afternoon, giving way to sunshine with the odd heavy shower.  Showered and changed and made the short walk to what is one of the most delightful settings we have been to.  Old stone manor house, wonderful gardens and architecture as well as an interesting history.  They also sold BEER! and did food.

Although our meet was scheduled for 1930, I saw a cloud at 1830, so warned Ali that it might rain and we had better get off!  So quick hop and we were there.  Spent a little time talking to fellow boaters before Paul and Elaine arrived and we made our way indoors.

This place is fabulous.  If you are in the area, please give it your support.  Dog friendly, with a myriad of rooms of great historical and architectural interest, good beer and food, bliss....

The sign on the canal 

 Hiding behind the trees

So thank you Paul and Elaine for introducing us to this wonderful place.  We had a really good evening, much enjoyed and I heard a sound that I thought was now extinct, the final orders bell, the bell of doom!!!

I think by this time we had all had enough, both drink and food wise.  A cracking evening, thank you both for your company.  They walked us back to the boat, but as it was midnight, made there way home.  I slept the sleep of the good, think Ali may have struggled though as someone was snoring!!!

I arose at 0600 ready for a new day. The sun shone and all was good.  Made Ali a Tea ( Mint-Yuk!) and by 0830 we were off.  A few miles on and we reached the top of Bosley locks. The 12 down were a breeze.  We reached Congleton by 1400, moored up then walked into town for some essentials.  It seemed sensible to us both to combine the walk with a Sunday lunch, so we did! (+ a beer or two)

Staggered back up the hill  with full tum's and heavy bag's and now chilling.  And tomorrow, we have to do it all again as meeting Helen and Ian at Red Bull tomorrow evening. I will stick to Lemonade!!!!

Tis a hard life.

There are a few 'nice pads' around here 

Miles 9.5
Locks 12
Swing bridges 2

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