Saturday, 23 August 2014

Almost Bridge Hoppers!

Today dawned wet, cold and bleak.  When I awoke, the rain was hammering on the roof, so I turned over and went back to sleep! Ali never stirred....

At 0700, I awoke.  Something of a lie in for me.  It was still raining and perusing the various weather sites did not bode well for the day.  But, it did look better for the afternoon, so we sat tight for the morning and lo and behold, the wind dropped, the sun came out and we experienced a phenomenon rare of late, warmth from the sun!

So early afternoon we pulled up the pins, dropped the now dry pram hood and set off.

We are pacing ourselves somewhat.  We are booked in for the assisted passage into Liverpool next Wednesday, but we always build in a little contingency time.  Monday has been forecast as Torrential rain, light showers and a plague of frog's depending on which weather site you look at.  So the plan is to be at the meet for the passage Tuesday evening, but flexible between now and then.

But it is not that far.  So we will have to pace ourselves.  But one lock today and we were in Parbold before the engine was warm.  Visitor mooring free, so in we went. 

What a very pleasant place this is. After a walk around the village, we had a snack at the rather nice cafe Canal side at bridge 37D, another walk, then an ice cream from the same somewhat strangely named place (  ).  We thought we had the place and establishments for a meal tonight sussed.

Back to the boat and chilled out.

Just after 1900, we decided we were peckish. We had decided that the nearest hostelry looked somewhat unprepossessing from the exterior, but Ali Googled it and it looked rather good. So we went to the Windmill.

It was brilliant!  One of the best meals we have had this summer.  Only to be expected in this rather up market village.  Well worth a re visit.

So we sit back on the boat, well podged, warm and happy with a rather nice glass of wine to finish off the evening.

So at the mo, we are Bridge Hoppers of sorts!

Miles  4.5
Locks 1
Swing bridges 1

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