Wednesday, 7 May 2014

One step forward, another one back!

And no, this is not in reference to my new knee.  This progresses well, but is still a tad painful.

We used the bank holiday weekend to go to the boat in order to give it a little TLC,  If I am honest, Ali did most of the work, as usual!  She did give me an allowance due to my still limited mobility, but I did feel guilty.

So the cratch and pram hood has been cleaned inside and out and the whole boat washed from the accumulated winter grime.  The old girl has done well. The polish we gave her in the autumn paid dividends and combined with the mild winter meant that the shine was soon restored.

Whilst Ali laboured, I put up the alarms kindly supplied by the fire brigade.  Then I set too trying to sort out the radio!  We have a car style radio,  with reception gradually deteriorating over the last few years.  We suspected the aerial, so sourced a new one.  Routing the new lead was a bar steward!  But we did it....   Plugged it all in, switched on, it activated, then died! Changed the fuse, nowt.

I know not if the radio itself is u/s, or if I have damaged the supply cable when pulling through the new aerial lead.  Somewhat flummoxed at the moment.. All things electrical being a mystery to me.

I will have another go on our next visit. So as per usual, a simple job turns into a marathon!  The joy of owning a money pit, I mean boat!

There again, my Citroen 2cv has also contributed to the diminution of our funds due to the MOT.

Deep joy.....


  1. Ah, yes... shiny as a new pin. We took a photo as we passed! Will put it on the blog today.

  2. Hiya both. Saw the picture of our boat on your blog. If only we could have had her blacked! Had to cancel due to the op, but hey ho, she will last untill autumn.

  3. Ali,
    What did you clean the cratch cover with as mine has suffered this winter?
    Fruit of The Vine

  4. Hi Both. We used this.

    Available at most camping and outdoor shops like Millets. You can also get a reproofer.

    See Ya at Crick?

  5. also available from Midland Chandlers - Fabsil. I had to do it a couple of times with a soft scrubbing brush to get all the green off but it has brought it up really well.


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