Sunday, 11 May 2014

Canal Magazines (free to a good home) & an unexpected visitor

A little delayed but some photos of when we cleaned Triskaideka a couple of weeks ago, whilst she still looked shiny!

We have numerous Waterways World and Canal Boat magazines from about 2008 - 2010, if anyone would like them let us know, we could take them to Crick for collection at the Boat show.  We found them really useful when we were planning Triskaideka. We will be on the boat for the duration of the show which should be good fun and for a change we will be able to enjoy the evening entertainment over the weekend.  

We have numerous bird feeders around our garden, but Ali moved one right infront of the lounge window when John was immobile, we have often seen the Greater Spotted Woodpecker around but have been amazed the last few days that it has decided that our feeding station right by the window is a good source of easy food. The picture quality isn't great as they are taken through the window.


  1. What great photos of the woodpecker. To have one so close.....what a delight.
    All the best and happy cruising

  2. Wozie nb Oakfield12 May 2014 at 17:09

    Welcome back to the waterways, nice to see your blog starting up again.
    Lovely pics of the Woodpecker, btw.

  3. Hiya. Not quite out yet, more's the pity. My knee is still in recovery and Ali is working, whatever that is! Hopefully out in July.

  4. Thanks Irene, not in your league of quality photos but I will blame the window!


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