Tuesday, 13 May 2014

John and "Brian's" Great Adventure.

  After buying a 2cv in November and poodling about in it locally, the time has come for giving "Brian" (Click link)  a decent run! A few job's required on the boat and a bit of "stuff" needs taking down, so killing two birds really.

Now I know he is an old boy, and I know he is a rebuild of which aficionado's of the marque have a certain disdain, but we are going for it!  I love him.  He even has a radio!  OK, not really audible over 30 mph, but so what!

See this to understand the appeal 2CV

So tomorrow, we set off for the trip from Caistor to Crick.  He is already loaded.  Oil and tyres checked.  I cannot wait!  Not quite as good as being out on the boat, but nearly!  And I am contributing to getting the boat ready for the off.

This will be a test, of me and him.. The new knee is getting there and Pete from 2cv's 4ever has given him a good going over.  The weather is looking good and by making the trip, I can take a load of bulky, if not heavy items to the boat.

Ali is working, so it will be a quick trip as a test of Brian and me!

I cannot wait! ( Said twice coz it be true! )

So, if you see a blue 2cv on the A46 southbound in the morning, then on to the M1, give me a wave.

P.S. Who the hell supplies 97-99 octane nowadays?

:) John

I think what John is saying is - If you get stuck in a massive traffic jm on the A46/M1 tomorrow, it isn't an accident, its him tootling along, so he is really apologising of holding you up!  :-) Ali 


  1. I had a 1981 2CV Charleston (Maroon and Black version) from new; loved every moment of it!
    Even went down the Mulsanne straight in it with all the camping gear aboard!

  2. I had one from new in 1989. Loved it!. The ex made me sell it......

  3. Well I made it with ease. The old boy went like a dream. Did a few jobs on the boat before I succumbed to some sort of stomach bug. I blame a seafood paella! So spent a few days welded to the khazi I am afraid!

    Trip back was uneventful. The old knee is still in recovery mode though and a little stiff after the drive. "Brian" averaged 48mpg, which I think is blooming good.

    Crick marina is now well geared up for the show. Just hope that the weather is kind. I somehow doubt that Ali will agree to travelling down in the 2cv though next friday.

  4. We will own a 2cv one day, heaps of them running around down here.


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