Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The end of the summer cruise

Yesterday we moved into Crick marina for our winter mooring.  We have been along the top pound between Foxton and Watford for the last week, cruising on the better days.  John has been through Crick tunnel 4 times over the last few days (by choice!)

Since arriving in the marina, we have, washed, polished and touched up the war wounds of 5 months of cruising, as we have only touched up the paint a couple of times whilst we have been out on the cut.  We now have a very shiny boat!!  (Just like she should be in a marina!) and we have very sore and aching limbs. 

We still have some painting to complete and then we will start packing up for our return home.  If the weather is ok over the next couple of months we may try to get out for a weekend or two before winterising.  
Entrance to Crick tunnel

Exiting the tunnel, Ali was trying to get photos of the bats, but failed miserably

The moon has been fabulous the last few days

Shiny boat!

Foggy morning
We are now debating our plans for next year, north or south, or perhaps east?  Lets just hope for some lovely weather like we have had this year, it makes canal life so much better!

We have completed 965 miles, 704 locks, 44 swing & 18 lift bridges and 24747 yards of tunnel, since leaving Crick at the end of April.  We have met old friends, made new friends and had many a chat with fellow boaters of all persuasions.  The camaraderie of the cut certainly enhances the experience.

Thanks for reading our musings we may post an occasional update over the winter, but we will be back blogging in the spring all being well!

Ali & John


  1. Lovely to have cruised with you both on the Thames and K&A this fantastic summer safe journey home xx

    1. Hope you are making the most of the good weather, enjoy the rest of your cruise, we are now starting to pack up.

  2. Enjoy the last few days, hope the jobs get finished!!! We have booked two 1 week cruises for next year. We are doing the Mons and Brec on John's recommendation!!! Will keepin touch.. Lynda

  3. You will love the Mons and Brec (we hope!!), we certainly did. Where are you going on the other week? If you want to know anything or we can help in any way don't hesitate to contact us. I think you have our email. Start planning the spec, you think you have loads of time then all of a sudden you get an email from Ally requesting it!

  4. Hi Ali and John.
    AmyJo has been in Crick three weeks now and today we only just spotted Triskaideka opposite us. You must have had arms of lead as she sure is shiny! Hope to meet up one weekend.

    Oh, and all is well in the marina after the storms.
    regards Steve

  5. Hi Both.

    We aqctually called into the marina yesterday afternoon to check on the old girl, Now home. We thought she was ooking a tad grimy! ;-)
    Will give you a knock when we are next down.


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