Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Busy doing.......Nothing!

Aware of the dire forecast for today, we decided to sit tight. This is a lovely rural mooring, sheltered from the wind and so no hardship.

The day dawned better than than forecast, but as the morning progressed, the decision to stay put was justified. It has rained and rained, not particularly heavy, but miserable to travel in and cold. Now we had more than our share of travelling in the wet last year and as we are coming to the end of the 2013 cruise, we are avoiding getting wet where possible.

So we have for the first time this year I think, fired up the Refleks stove, charged up the battery bank and remained cosy and warm whilst braver (but looking decidedly miserable) souls have cruised past. I have hammered the Kindle whilst Ali has baked. Hard life!

When we moored near Mercia we took the opportunity to pop into Midland chandlers. We have had a sat dish since launch and whilst this is good, it relies on line of sight, not always possible on the inland waterways. Anyway, we bought a Maxview Omnimax at the chandlers with an additional magnetic base. Untill we reached Market Harborough, this remained in the box, but having time to play whilst there I assembled it and connected it up via the signal booster and bingo, good Tv reception without fiddling with a dish on the roof. Now at our rural mooring we have a multitude of telly and radio channels, so looking like a good buy at the moment, fingers crossed! Tuesday evening is a must watch night, Great British bake off for Ali, New Trick's for me.

So No pictures tonight. Tomorrow we head towards our ultimate destination, Crick. Possibly!!


  1. Hi, Thanks for keeping me sane, I have really enjoyed following you while at my desk WORKING. Just one question why you didn't go all the way down the Thames and back along the Regent canal ? Or is it me did I miss that bit ? Keep on blogging GREAT!! Have a good winter nb Bees Knees

  2. Hi Chris, sorry for the delay, really bad internet connection in Crick! We didn't go down to Limehouse as I am a wuss and its too far on the tidal bit. We didn't go down the Paddington Arm, as we got there later than we thought we would, so it was into School Hols and it was when it was really hot so we decided central London wasn't the place to be, so we have saved it for a later trip, by which time, John is hoping I will do Limehouse to Brentford! Glad we have kept you entertained whilst WORKING! The provisional plan is to head North again next year so we might see you. Good to hear from you, we ought to try to meet up over the winter whilst we are home, I'll email you. Ali


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