Monday, 2 September 2013

Fradley.....well nearly!

We are on something of a mission!  Our boat builder, Beacon Boats Ltd, is having a gathering of past and hopefully future customers on the weekend of the 7th September 2013, at Barrow-upon-Soar, Leics.  Now as we were in Llangollen on the 24th August, we thought attending would not be possible. But we had a rethink and saw we could do it, if we had some long days.

The forecast for this week looks good, until the latter part and so we are trying to cover ground with the good weather.  Well if I am honest, I am.  Ali is shall we say not as keen on my agenda!  So this morning, my devious little mind saw that once past Stone, the locks significantly diminished, long lock free pounds, meaning many a mile could be covered.  We set off about 0830 and dropped down the first two locks into Stone, used the services and then did a little shopping. The elsan point at Stone had obviously been used recently for a "self pump out".  Opening the door released a rather unpleasant odor. Whilst the floor was dry, it was covered in mashed toilet paper and the grill over the recepticle was disgusting. They should be banned from using elsan points for self pump outs. Ali washed it down as best she could before we used it!

Front cream, side half white, not being worked on, paint on offer not right colour?? :-)

The promised sun and warmth thus far failed to appear but as the morning progressed the temperature began to rise and the sun peek out. We continued out of Stone and into the lovely Trent valley.

We have always previously travelled this route south to north. Now we are doing this the opposite way and somehow, it looks different!  In a nice way I should add.  It really is a lovely part of the country and the improving weather played a part in our enjoyment.  I am starting to really like the T &M, despite all the locks in the northern section!

Salt Bridge

76 p per litre at the permanently moored fuel boat at bridge 69

Anyway, we soon arrived at Great Heywood.  Now Ali had sort of pencilled this in as a night stop on our schedule, but I had other ideas.  It was a balmy afternoon and so we pressed on.  Skirting Rugeley and then Armitage we were once again in open country, but the evening was fast approaching. So just before 7pm, spotting a rare piece of armco for this area, we moored up just above Wood end lock, a mile short of Fradley.

Once again very few boats  the move, although we did pass a number of Braidbar boats heading north for their annual meet at Poynton, including N.B. Briar Rose ( with whom we exchanged greetings.

Tomorrow we enter new territory for Triskaideka and will stop a while at Alrewas and pay our respects at the National memorial arboretum.

Crossing the River Trent

This bridge is built on the rock

Miles 22
Locks 10

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