Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Lovely Leicester

We were up a little earlier than expected this morning, so a quick trip to Annie D to let them know we would be ready earlier than we had anticipated, we had agreed to share the locks through Leicester with them yesterday.  We gave Doug & James a knock on the boat to say goodbye, Doug had just got out of the shower and James was on the loo!  They did manage to get outside before we were away, although James was in his dressing gown.


James  (sorry James for disturbing you!)

Space Centre
We made steady progress through Leicester sharing the locks with Rebecca & Robert, although experience boaters they have only just collected Annie D after buying her a few weeks ago and are travelling to their home mooring of Crick.  At Kings Lock they stopped for a while and we continued on our own.  We have only passed four boats all day.

Leicester has not changed at all, some thing really should be done to encourage boaters, they have a huge expanse of water and water front, which could be a lovely resource, but it is disgusting. All the bridges are full of graffiti, the rubbish in the river/canal is appalling, the towpath is full of litter, cans, bottles and dog poo. That all the boaters we saw today had made the trip from Kilby and were not stopping in Leicester, tells its own story.

and finally

The temperature dropped this afternoon and
 John donned his new 'Beacon Boats' fleece!

We made it to Kilby and on Doug's recommendation we went to the Navigation for 'curry night', very nice it was too.

14 miles 17 locks

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  1. Great pics...especially the one of John in his new fleece....... Ken had to wear his to (the pub... no boat yet :):( Lynda


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