Saturday, 20 August 2011

Ouch that hurt

We were all set for leaving Swanley Marina yesterday, I cast of the front rope and stepped back onto the pontoon, thats when it went all wrong.  I slipped (on a wet pontoon) and slid straight down the edge of the pontoon into the marina.  John managed to haul me back out but I was cut, wet and bruised!  After a shower and a lie down, completing the accident book, and one of the marina staff going home to supply iodine and more dressings (as we had now run out), I decided to move on, I really wanted to get moving and not leave it another day.  We took it steady and continued our journey up towards Llangollen.  We moored at Wrenbury before the lift bridge and John insisted a visit to the Doctors as one cut was still bleeding.  I saw the Practice Nurse, who steri striped the cuts and dressed them.

Today we left Wrenbury I took great delight in holding up the traffic on the electric lift bridge (but was kind and told the boat in front to lower it as there were lots of cars waiting), but really it was so I could control the road myself later!  We continued through some lovely countryside, Cheshire is very much a dairy farm area, lots of cows.  We ascended the Marbury, Quoisley, Willeymoor & Povey's locks, arriving at Grindley Brook expecting the usual queue.  After ascending the three locks, we walked to find the lockkeeper, expecting to have to wait as a boat had gone up in-front of us.  As we approached the lockkeeper said it was ok to proceed up the staircase.  That's a first for us, not having to wait.  After using the services at the top we have moored just along the canal on the visitor moorings.  

Grindley Brook Staircase

Friday 4 miles 5 locks 
Saturday 6 miles 10 locks


  1. Hi Ali. Hope you are OK, I slipped on the pontoon when we were there, they are terrible in the wet, but thankfully didn't fall in. Hope you are feeling better, not a pleasant experience I am sure. xx

  2. Hi Ali
    Sorry to hear you've had your first dunking - I don't suppose that it will be the last. Hope your cuts and bruises heal soon. Make John wait on you till you feel better.
    love Pip & Rog xxx

  3. Thanks guys, bit stiff, very bruised but ok! x


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