Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Hatton Flight (21 Locks) in 3 1/4 hours

We left at 8 am this morning after shuffling out of the moorings as we were breasted up with another boat, they reversed down the arm a little further and we pulled out and they moved into our mooring as they were staying a few days.  We waited at the bottom of the Hatton Flight hoping another boat would appear, however nothing!  A boat came down so we decided to make our way up as the locks would be in our favour, however the boat told us they had been moored in one of the pounds so only a few were.  We made good progress, opening one gate and paddle, after about three locks we realised there was two boats behind us but they were sharing so onwards and upwards!  We only passed 3 boats upto the last two locks which both had two boats coming down.  We did share the last two locks with one of the two from behind us, as whilst we were waiting for the boats coming down they continued to come up, made interesting gongoozling 5 boats in one pound!  We stopped after the last lock and walked back to the Hatton Locks Cafe for a well deserved lunch.  We then continued through Shrewley Tunnel (433 yards) to Rowington where we have moored for today.  We have met a lovely couple who we have chatted, shared stories, viewed boats and they kindly beer & wined us from NB Lady Esther, it was great to meet you Dave & Ang, hopefully we will meet again sometime, and thanks very much Ang for the pin covers (made from carrier bags, mine are posh ones M&S!)   

The start of the Hatton Flight

This duck shared 4 locks with us swimming in just as the gates were closed and hopping onto the top gate as the lock filled then swimming into the next!

Looking back over Warwick

The end is in sight!

Shrewley Tunnel

The view from our moorings

 Dave & Ang (NB Lady Esther)

Pin covers made by Ang

5.5 miles 21 locks

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