Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Onto Warwick - Monday 1st August

We left Fosse Wharf after using the services below the first lock.  We continued towards Warwick passing through Royal Leamington Spar, as John had previous encountered trouble here, we decided to try and get through early.  It was 15 years ago and John said it was unrecognisable now, there is a lot of new housing along the canal, although there is a lot of rubbish in the canal, it is a lot better than he remembered.  With the last two locks done we turned down the Saltisford Arm.  The Saltisford Arm is a section of restored canal which dates back to 1799, it provides visitor moorings only 10 minutes away from the centre of Warwick.  After mooring we went for a walk around Warwick, it is a lovely town, we visited all the usual tourist stops,  the Lord Leycester Hospital and garden, although we were unable to go inside as it is closed on a Monday,  St Mary's Collegiate Church, The Mill Garden, The Riverside and of course a walk along the river,  although we would of liked to visit the castle we did think the entrance fee of £29 each a bit steep, there was an offer on of £21 each, it was 2:15 pm, you can no longer buy a ticket to just visit the castle grounds, so we gave it a miss, and I have to say so were a lot of other people!

Leaving our overnight moorings and heading for the first lock

The Mill Garden

Warwick Castle

Lord Leycester Hospital

and the rear

Bear & staff 
 (emblem has been linked to the earls of Warwick since the 14th century)

Saltisford Arm moorings

7 miles 6 locks

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  1. Hi Ali and John. Glad you are having a nice time in Warwick, don't blame you for not visiting the castle £29!!!!! we found it too expensive a few years ago so didn't go in either, hopefully if more people vote with their feet the owners might do something about it. Keep up the great blog and hopefully our paths will cross again soon. xx


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