Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Back down the Llangollen

We left Ellesmere on Saturday after I had had my hair done in the morning.  The weather was cloudy with outbreaks of showers, we continued Whitchurch then to Gindley Brook, used the services then reversed back onto the moorings for the night.

On Sunday we went down Grindley staircase without much of a wait, just third in the queue and there were three going down, so only a short wait, we continued back along the Llangollen, again the weather was not very good, we moored above Marbury lock.  We walked into Marbury and went to the Swan for lunch, after lunch we went for a walk around the village, the view from the church is fabulous across the mere.

On Monday we set off for Wrenbury, I managed to have 12 cars waiting by the time I let the lift bridge back down, that's a record for me, must have been bank holiday traffic!  We continued to between bridge 3 & 4 where we moored up for the day.  Both of us were not feeling well, think it is the weather, I did go for a walk to the ice cream farm, I agree that the 10 min walk from the canal is a bit of a sprint its a good 15 minute walk, but the ice cream is lovely so worth the effort.  On Tuesday I felt awful, aching everywhere and coughing and sneezing so we didn't move, I spent most of the day in bed, John didn't feel much better either.

Today I felt a bit better so we decided to move but not far, so we left the Llangollen via the Hurleston Locks and rejoined the Shropshire Union heading towards Chester.  We have moored just above Bunbury.  We walked into Bunbury this afternoon, its a beautiful Cheshire village with lovely old houses and Church.  We had lunch in the Dysart Arms which was as good as last time we ate there, John had his favourite Crab & Rocket Linguine.

Grindley Brook


Saturday 13 miles
Sunday 3.5 miles 9 locks
Monday 7 miles 6 locks
Wednesday 5 miles 4 locks

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