Friday, 26 June 2015

Sunshine, hayfever and a lot more boats!

The weather has certainly warmed up since we left our last location at Moore. Both Ali and me are past sufferers of hayfever. Since I pased my 4th decade, this seems to have moderated. But not now! The hot weather has really brought on pollen bloom and both of us are suffering with Sneeze's, sniffles and sore eyes. At least it has been warm.

We had an agenda of sorts as we have booked into the Nantwich canal centre for a service on Friday. Having travelled through the three tunnels and back onto the T&M, we moored for the day at Bramble cuttings, a short way out of Middlewich. Time to get the whirly gig out and finish drying the washing on what was a fantastic summers evening.

The next day soon saw us in Middlewich. Watered up below big lock and then up we went. Many a boat travelling down, less going up so it made an easy flow, aided by some friendly "Volockies". Once past the hire base, time for the turn onto the Wardle canal and Middlewich arm. We fully expected this to be busy, but no, a boat exited the lock as we approached and so we were straight in and up. That must be a first.

A shop stop completed and we bimbled on in glorious sunshine. It is so nice to see once again, boats moving. I think we have seen more in the last few days than throughout our Pennine travels. We moored up for the day just before Aqueduct marina. This really is a beautiful stretch of canal. In fact we like this area so much that we may well tarry a while.

Thursday saw us complete the arm, then turn at Barbridge south. Chatting, we have decided that once the service is completed, Chester and Llangollen really do need revisiting. Yes, we know it will be busy, but after our splendid isolation, we will enjoy that. After all, most people are on holiday, so a great atmosphere.

So we moored just short of Nantwich marina at lunch time and while Ali went shopping, I got the fishing rod out for the first time this year. Quite productive, several good sized Perch, roach and a Moorhen chick!

Not as bad as it sounds. The little blighter swam over the line and got its legs tangled. I managed to haul it in much to its mothers chagrin and untangle it without injuring it. It was soon swimming off none the worse for its adventure, being soundly scolded by mum!

The weather breaks somewhat on Friday, so after the service we may not travel far. At least this gives us the opportunity to make use of the on site launderette and have a supermarket delivery of the more bulky items.

It is so nice to be back on canals with more traffic and narrow locks.

15.5 miles.
8 locks.

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