Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Now moored in the middle of the teeming metropolis that is Leeds, at Granary Wharf. This is wedged between the railway, the Hilton hotel and a tower block. Somewhat noisy during the day, but surprisingly quiet at night.

We are just above the river, which we will drop on to in the morning. Making the most of what the city has to offer, Ali had a shop first after our arrival yesterday afternoon and then in the evening we enjoyed a meal at Jamie's Italian. Followed by drinks at a waterside bar in view of our mooring.

Once again, wind has been the prevalent weather, with thankfully very little rain.  Leaving our mooring at Riddlesden, we were soon at the top of Bingley five rise.  We had a wait there as boats were ascending, but this allowed us to visit the services and enjoy a bacon buttie from the cafe above the locks.

Then we began the descent, we shared with another boat. This flight and the three rise proved to be a tad damp. Having to reverse back in order to open the gates, meant the rear deck was deluged with water leaking from the gates. By the time we reached Saltaire and moored up, some bailing was required from the engine ole!

Bingley Locks

New paddles awaiting instalation

Mooring at Saltsaire is poor, mainly because you are not allowed to stay overnight on the moorings opposite the mill as apartments overlook it and it would appear CRT has bowed to them. We were moored under trees and as the forecast for Saturday was would you guess, more high winds. We decided to make the short hop to the visitor moorings at Shipley first thing Saturday morning. Proper rings!  Sue and Baz were due to meet us for the day, so lunchtime we met up with them and had a wander and some lunch at the cafe on the park. The forecast was correct, it blew a hooley and we were glad we stayed put.

On Sunday we decided to drop down to Rodley, getting fuel on the way at Apperley Bridge and doing our first 3 rise on our lonesome, we managed, absolutely no problems and a little help from a chap who had been with us for miles walking his dog. We watered up at the services above the locks here, possibly the slowest tap on the system! Over an hour to top up. We were really looking forward to a Sunday roast at the pub that had been recommended, but missed it as service ended at four!

Monday saw us beginning the final descent into Leeds. The stories of nuisance youths swimming in locks here are legendary, so we were expecting the journey to be something of a bind. It was far from it. The canal passes through leafy glades. With no litter or youths to be seen. Newlay and Forge locks are manned, which aided our lone passage. One of the keepers explained that local kids can be a nuisance, after 3pm. Well we saw none. It was a really pleasant trip. Descending Office lock, we saw that there was plenty of room in Granary Wharf and so we reversed in and moored up. Very pleasant it is to, when the local builders knock off for the day...

This has been a very peaceful journey. On average, we have seen four boats moving per day. Compared to the narrow canals in the south and Midlands, it is eerily quiet. Worth the effort for the views and the tranquility.

So enjoying a day shopping and seeing the sights. Ali has gone to donate blood whilst I type this out and as a reward,we are off for a meal at the bistro overlooking our mooring, tonight.

Hope he is well paid!

Tomorrow we descend the last lock on the Leeds Liverpool and out onto the river.

These pictures are under the Dark Arches, they are how the area was

and now ...

18 miles.
28 broad locks.
17 swing bridges.

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