Thursday, 4 June 2015

On the move again. Slowly!

Boy am I glad we made the move into Skipton then hunkered down. The forecast was spot on. The wind was horrendous. Luckily, we had a spot on the 14 day moorings, sheltered from the worst that the weather could throw.

Monday morning was not to bad. So we had a walk around this splendid market town and did a little shopping. By mid afternoon, the wind was flexing it's muscles and do we battened down for what was a stormy evening and night.

Tuesday we had visitors. Chris & Wendy from N.B. Bees Neez called for a cuppa and catch up. We had met them in 2012 when we shared the Wigan flight and subsequent locks with them after leaving Liverpool. They have a beautiful mooring at Kildwick. Nice to catch up with them again.

As Sue & Quentin were having a short break from the boat,  we decided to go for a farewell meal. We wandered into town and ended up in what turned out to be a lovely pub, The Wooley Sheep Inn. Great beer and great food, great company, what more could one ask for. A really enjoyable evening, we retired back to the boat and finished off with some of Ali's cake. It was rather late when we said our final farewell. Sorry both, hope you had clearer heads than we did when you left for the station!

After a shop in town, well M&S, we cast off. A couple of miles, stopped for an Aldi shop and lunch, then a hop to Kildwick. We are pacing ourselves, really to avoid Leeds at the weekend, but also to give us time to decide on our route after this. This is swing bridge country and one was a bar steward, with a friendly dog walker assisting Ali to close one up!

On the outskirts of Riddlesden, we spotted a mooring giving a panoramic view of the Aire valley, so hopped in to enjoy the heat of the day. Yes, heat! It has been a beautiful day. Ali did a quick starboard touch up, whilst I had a snooze.

Tomorrow we hit the locks!

11.5 miles and 16 swing bridges.

pity about the street light, but there was a gap in the trees

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  1. Good to see you both, will look out which way you decide to go. (John) Bees Knees.


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