Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Llangollen Canal. A warning (and lots more photos)

Please avoid going onto the  Llangollen, anytime!

It is full of hire boats, share boats and grumpy private owners. This canal is a bloody nightmare. Please find an alternative...

So we can have it all to ourselves!

Yep, still on the canal, which must be a record for us!  After our visit to the Eisteddfod, walk in the hills and passage once again over the aqueduct, we started travelling back down with a heavy heart. It is just so nice.

Back over the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct 

and then Chirk

We moored at Frankton junction and as the Montgomery is restricted to some four miles of Navigation, due to a breach, we walked it. A beautiful canal.  One fly in the ointment was being told by the lock keeper that he would rather we did not moor on the 48 hour moorings at the mouth of the junction, as we were causing an obstruction!  He then told us this advice was for future reference when it was pointed out that we were on recognised and signed, moorings. CRT need to alter the moorings and signs if they prefer people not to moor. Needless to say, we stayed put and caused no nuisance to the four boats descending!

Frankton Junction (as you can see we were really a problem)

Anyway. We slowly bimbled back down the canal and reached Wrenbury. Over a meal in the Dusty Miller, we spoke of our next move.

Povey Lock

Tools of locking

& stocking up on eggs and veg at Quoisley Lock

And decided to turn and head back to Llangollen....

It really is a beautiful canal. OK, there are a lot of boats, but we have not found this to be problematic. Funny on occasion, but no cause for angst.

So we are in the process of retacing our steps and may well tomorrow hit the aqueducts once again, weather permitting.

Heading back to the hills

Going against the flow has certainly given the engine a work out, and this has been reflected in our fuel consumption. We topped up from the fuel boat Mountbatten on our way up, the first time, and we will need to top up again before long. The flow is quite considerable and especially noticeable through the bridge holes when you almost come to a halt on occasion.

Apart from the Mons & Brec, this has to be my all time favourite canal. It can be challenging in regard to other boaters at times, but the scenery more than makes up for it.

So back we go. So please Do Not vist, it is horrible and we want it all to ourselves.

Footnote. For some reason, Ali has taken exception to me storing my maggots in the fridge!
So much so, that she has bought me a mini fridge, just for bait storage. Bless.

 Around Ellesmere

 We have had a bit of rain (well we are in Wales)

 Miles 65.5
Locks 24
Lift bridges 16

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