Wednesday, 8 July 2015

On the move again...

After our two day stay in Tattenhall marina, we moved once again back towards Chester.  Ali was off for a family birthday in Northampton on Saturday morning, whilst I was sitting tight at Christleton, once again! Cannot help it, love this area.

A lovely city, not even spoiled by passing the interminable Golden Nook moorings once again!  At the end of the moorings we we fast approaching a CRT working boat, we couldn't work out what was going on as he really seemed to be struggling to stear, when we caught him as he pulled into the moorings we realised he had a bale of straw in a net on the side of the boat, apparently kids had rolled it into the canal, it had taken them two days to bring it along the canal to where they could lift it out with a crane.

After Ali left for the train from Chester, I walked down to Aldi and obtained some vittles for the weekend, then walked back! This was not an inconsiderable distance and fair whacked me as it was rather hot.

Sunday I had to go for lunch at the Cheshire cat, which would you believe, sells beer! Felt obliged to have a pint or two and then had a snooze. It was still very warm and made me rather relaxed...

Monday dawned wet and miserable. Ali returned by lunch time and whilst it would have been good to move, it was really not worth it, so we sat tight.

Tuesday we made the move. Out of Chester, past Golden Nook(again!) And on to the Shroppie moorings just shy of Calveley. The last broad locks tackled for a while, hopefully.

sneaky peek of Peckforton Castle

Beeston Castle on the left and Peckforton on he right

Beeston Castle

Today we awoke to rain and high winds. The forecast saw the rain ending by lunch time and it did, so we set off, visited the services and then headed for the Llangollen. We really are in hire boat country now. Nowt wrong with that, but you have to remain on guard for the unexpected. As we approached Barbridge junction, I slowed right down and sure enough, a boat exited at speed, heedless to our presence or right of way. No contact made, no harm done.

It was really windy now, blowing a hooley. We approached Hurleston junction, the entrance to the Llangollen, Ali hopped off to scout the lock situation. All clear and ready to go, so a quick turn and we were on the up. The four skinny locks were a doddle, helped by both a boat descending and the lock keeper. We were soon up. It was pleasant, but very windy. Each subsequent lock was a joy, boats descending as we approached.

On the Shroppie at the side of Hurleston Reservoir

The top of Hurleston locks

By 5pm we had reached Wrenbury. It was a tad busy, but after passing through both the lift bridges, deep joy, a space on rings no less! So after a short recovery, we felt justified in walking to the Dusty Miller for a bite to eat. Very nice it was to and the beer was fair good as well.

So sitting out the now declining gale and once again, on the Llangollen. A busy, but very beautiful canal.

26 miles.
15 locks.
2 lift bridges.

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