Sunday, 16 October 2011

A quick trip unfortunately

On Friday we set off, on a lovely autumn morning.  Unfortunately the problem with the stern gland was soon in evidence, so we had a very short trip up to the first winding hole and returned to the marina.  Neil from Beacon and the engineer are due at 9:30 in the morning and we will know more after tomorrow, if it is necessary we have a dry dock booked for Friday morning at Crick.

Its been a lovely weekend, we walked into Crick along the canal, there was a few narrow boats on the move enjoying the good weather, and today we had a visit from Pip & Roger from NB Windsong, it was really good to see them and catch up on their travels and swap funny stories from over the summer.

This afternoon we had an unexpected fly pass from the vulcan, unfortunately the pictures are not very good as it was nearly over by the time I got the camera.

Vulcan (nearly missed it!) 

 Sunset over the marina

One of the carp in the marina

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