Sunday, 23 October 2011

A cake, a birthday party and a cruise

I went home for a couple of days on Wednesday, everything was fine with the house.  Whilst there I did Isabella's Thomas birthday cake, I was happy with the cake but despite two attempts at his face I still thought he was a little scary and would have made a good halloween cake, but Isabella seemed happy with him, the fat controller was good though, even though I say it myself.   On Saturday we went to her birthday party, lots of young children (about 25 of them), it was really good and they all enjoyed themselves.

Today we set out for a couple of days cruising, we left the marina, heading for Foxton, as thats as far as we can go with the current restrictions.  We were hoping and praying that everything was ok with the stern gland but we hadn't gone far when it started knocking.  We decided to carry on, as we thought that it may need to 'bed in' after the recent adjustments, but no joy, it continued to knock and was as bad as ever.  We have made it to Foxton and Sam (the engineer) is coming to us again in the morning.  There were lots of gongoozlers at the locks, but unfortunately not many boats for them to look at due to the restrictions.
Fat Controller

Scary Thomas Cake 


& the headless fat controller as Isabella ate him!

Along the Leicester line

It was a 'tad' chilly' this morning

Welford turn 

15 miles

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