Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A short sad message.

Whilst we have been to visit the boat today, all is overshadowed by really sad news.

Today, our beloved dog, Ben, passed away. A bloody mad Welsh Springer.

Whilst he was only 10 years, his life had been not without health problems. He had a stroke at four, battled through and was then diagnosed with a thyroid condition.

Ben continued to love life, and gave all to Ali and I. He became ill over the weekend and it would appear that the love he gave was bigger than his heart, which was failing and causing him distress.

Ali and I were with him at the end.

Miss you Ben. Lot's and lot's and lot's.

John & Ali

What puddle dad?

I'll put the photos of the boat which looks brilliant on tomorrow


  1. Oh dear.. I am so sorry to hear that.

    Our K9s are more than our friends for sure.


  2. Really sad about loosing Ben! He was definately a part of the family and will be missed!
    R.I.P Ben, finally at peace,
    Lots of love
    Michelle xx

  3. Very sad for you.
    All our love
    Pip & Rog xxx

  4. So sorry to read about Ben. What a real character he looks in those photos - that muddy paws one had me laughing out loud, I can just imagine your expression! First they steal your heart, then they break it, but who'd be without pets.

    Regards, Aly

  5. Hi Aly

    How very true. Ben would make for water at the first opportunity, and failing water, well mud would do! That day we had been to a local woods and he legged it. Dropped his ball in a muddy pool, then i assume tried to get it out! After half an hour he appeared, and sat in front of me saying, "look at me dad". Photo captured on my mobile.

    Thanks to all for your thoughts and wishes.

    John and Ali


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