Thursday, 7 April 2011

More Cupboards, ports no houdinis or painter!

We took our fourtnightly visit to Beacon yesterday, I have managed to keep John away, now he is on leave pending his retirement!  Neil has been busy making some more cupboards, Ali has been staining the cratch and oiling the front door inserts.  The portholes are now in, but will need to come out again, the mushrooms are on the roof and other chrome bits!  The engine is being prepared as well.  Ali (M) is going to give the t&g on the walls another coat.  Hopefully the external painting will start very soon.  We also went to meet Bonnie who is going to paint our front door ports  The houdinis should be delivered on Monday.

Ports in and gleaming blacking

start of bathroom unit

View of saloon showing two cupboard units

Lockgate wall panel

Side hatch window frames

Saloon cupboards

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  1. Hey, thanks for the comment about the pics. Wildlife isn't usually that co-operative! The boat looks great, I guess you'll be on the water this summer? We'll look out for you....
    All the best..


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