Thursday, 24 March 2011

I am in Awe...

Of Neils knowledge and skills. This man is a whizz at all things electrical, but is also a craftsman in wood. The sheer quality and thought that goes into every piece he works on truly leaves me speechless.

As Ali has already said, our visit today left us with smiley smiles. Our concept, somewhat vague as it was, has been honed by Ali and Neil into our dream boat, but better....

The depth of knowledge they have has enabled us to formulate a basic spec, then a plan, then modify this were needed all with no stress whatsoever.

The boat is looking fantastic. The woodwork is superb.

Now you know why we chose Beacon. It was never just the product, but the people who impressed and continue to do so.  Not that long to launch now, so if anybody wishes to take a look at our boat whilst in build, please feel free to take a look and visit. I am sure there will be a coffee/tea on offer and even a biscuit!


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