Friday, 11 February 2011

Where we be now!

Well hello.

So how did we get to today?  We started looking at Narrowboats several years ago after extensive hiring and decided that we would have one built to our own specifications! This was a dream, and dreamers are often not very specific!
Having visited numerous shows and boat builders, you get a feel what will suit you I suppose. We met Ali and Bug's (Neil) at Crick an age ago it feels. They were and are, genuine honest people and we asked ourselves, who would you like and trust to build. No contest. So Beacon it was. During the planning(!) we went through through whole gammit, from all electric to hybrid and nothing phased them....
Gradually a sort of sense prevailed, (although Ali & Bug's may offer a differant slant).

So a 58 ft Semi trad it was to be. Powered by a Beta 43 fully cocooned engine.

We are I suppose mid build at this time and the obvious question is " has this been stressful" ?

Erm, NO.

Beacon have listened, advised and gently guided us through the process. I know that we have not been the easiest of customers, but at no time have they made us feel the complete idiots I know we are.

We sort of gave them a vague spec, And they got on with it....magic?

Just love them.


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