Thursday, 24 February 2011

Busy Day

Another visit to Beacon today, lots more progress, galley has washer, fridge, oven and cupboard bases, along with the hob and sink.  The cellar boxes are in, and the oak floor around them looks really good.  The bed has the base lids for the storage done.  The dinette is done with the freezer under one side and the extension to the dinette to make the 5'6" into a 6' bed a great piece of engineering and carpentry by Neil, it is so neat and innovative, we are really impressed.  

We met Sheila from SAB Signs to discuss our sign writing, not sure if we confused her as we are not 100% as to what we require, neither of us is artistic but we have an idea of what we want, Sheila has gone away and will let us have a design. 

On leaving Beacon we went onto Whalin Upholstery to choose the upholstery for the dinette and the port hole bungs.  We chose the leather quiet quickly (not that hard black!) but the material for the bungs was a different story, we went right through all the sample books trying to find something that would go with the coloured walls and the maple in the saloon, we decided on a pattern eventually that hopefully will complement both.

We have had a really good day, the dream is getting much closer and feeling very real now, only downer on the day was getting stuck on the M1 on the way home for over an hour due to an accident, thankfully not a serious one.

Apologies for the quality of the photos, I have left our good camera in Northampton after a family visit at the weekend, so I'll update with better ones once I have the good camera back! 

 Bed Storage


 Cellar Boxes

 Washer in (think it was a bit heavy!)

 Hob with drawer unit below


and the secret pull out extension

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  1. Hi Ali and John. Enjoying your blog as we seem to both be at a similar stage in the build, as well as following in your footsteps upto Whalin yesterday, glad we read your blog first, we seem to struggle as well to find anything we really liked, we did hear from Darren we weren't the only ones having a problem in deciding! Hope to meet you on the cut one day, enjoying your blog, keep up the good work. Regards Doug


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