Saturday, 15 January 2011

Wow - its coming on!

We have finally managed to get to Beacon today.  What a surprise, we have walls, electrics, some plumbing and were really impressed how much had been done.

Loving our radiators

 and the beast of an engine, that we are going to find a very small space when we need to do anything!


  1. Really enjoying your blog, as we both seem to be at similar stages with our build, enjoying the pictures, but what type of engine is it? It is amazing how quick it all happens, Will follow with interest and hope to meet up on the cut one day.

    Regards Doug

  2. Hi Doug

    Thanks, just had a look at your blog and you are right we are at very similar stages! We will follow with interest.

    The engine is a Beta 43 but its a fully cocooned engine, hence the size!


    Ali & John


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