Thursday, 28 October 2010

NB Triskaideka is born

John has been to XR&D today, the guys have started our build (last Saturday) unfortunately due to us both having really bad colds we couldn't get down at the weekend, so by Johns visit today its taking shape.  Bow being started next week after another delivery of steel!  Looking good!


  1. Wow- it's at last a reality!!! Time has flown since we first met you at Sawley in July last year. Triskaideka was just a distant dream then, and here we are, 15 months later, with the shell started! In no time at all you will have arrived at launch day. We wish you good fortune with the build, and will be following the blog avidly.
    Love Pip & Rog.

  2. Thanks Pip, launch day can't come soon enough (well the idea of being out on our own boat).


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