Sunday, 3 July 2016

Bristol Pictures

Some pictures from our stay in Bristol floating harbour.  We both feel like we have eaten (and drunk) our way around the city, but we have walked a considerable distance as well, we know to our cost that Bristol is built on a series of hills.  Thanks to Keith & Diane for the recommendations of places to visit, we think we did most of them.

We left this morning after a cruise around the harbour and have made our way back to Bath.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

and the view
towards Bristol

the Avon Gorge

and down!


 Cabot Tower

and the view

the Red House

& garden

the Steam Train at the M Shed

and from the M Shed to our mooring (on our own)

Balloons off early this morning

around the harbour

The Matthew (which apparently sailed to Canada 
last year and is off to France in a few weeks)

new apartments behind the harbour inlet

the harbour inlet - which has been slightly altered since our last visit
there are now 2 longer moorings

SS Great Britain

old tobacco warehouses

 the way onto the Avon and the Severn Estuary

back towards the Avon heading to Bath

loved this a floating ballast seed garden

our exit back onto the River Avon

along the river

another terrapin basking in the sun

love these (not sure what they are, we don't think they are a barge)

the new bridge is now half way across

our mooring tonight

17 miles of river, 7 locks

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