Monday, 28 September 2015

Rugby, more Sloes and big locks again.

On Tuesday we set off late morning from Harborough. Quite a nice day. It certainly brought out the resident kingfishers, which are rather abundant in this area. Perhaps they are more boat tolerant than many, but one in particular hardly moved as we passed.

Also saw Maffi making his way into town and of course, had to pass him on the narrowest, most overgrown section, but we coped.( rather, I did!)

Foxton was again quiet. We ascended with little delay and moored just past the first bridge. It was our intention to go for a walk, but once again, the weather had other thoughts and over the next few hours we were treated to what could only be described as monsoon like downpours. By early evening, these had cleared, so we had a walk followed by a few pints in Bridge 61. No sign of Sam (Matts) though!

But there was next morning when he came to sort out a problem on a boat moored behind us. Job done, got them sorted and a short chat.

We were slowly making for Crick in order to arrange to collect the car in readiness for the Rugby. We had also arranged a night out with Lizzie. (N.B. Panda). We had spotted a tree loaded with Sloes on the non towpath side, on our way up. Seemed rude not to harvest the bounty, so with a bit of jiggling, we got the boat up to it, a tad shallow though! It did cause a bit of consternation from two boats passing, but all for a good cause. Ten minutes and we had 1.5 kilo's of fruit!

We arrived in Crick and spent a few days car shuffling, shopping and socialising. Had a great night with Lizzie at The Moorings, then Saturday saw us shooting up the M1 to Leeds and Elland rd, to watch Canada v Italy. Great game and Canada nearly got a win, but were pipped at the post by the more experienced side. Then a problem free journey back to the boat, if you discount the many, many miles of roadworks with 50 mph restriction. Don't know why we rushed, England threw the Wales game in the second half, but fair play to Wales, the better side on the day.

It has turned into an Indian summer. Cold nights, a misty start, but glorious days. On Sunday we left and bimbled down to Watford. Again, very quiet boat wise, with only eight boats passing through the locks the previous day. We thought, given the forecast, many more boats would be on the move, but seemingly not. We were soon down Watford and then down the Buckby flight. Wide locks once again and the problem with one of the gates was sorted well before our arrival. They are hard work however and due to the scarcity of other boats, we tackled them all on our lonesome.

It was a glorious afternoon and so we carried on until Stowe hill and moored enjoying the late afternoon sun. The Narrow boat was within sight, so rude not to visit. A lovely meal, but I do wish southerners knew what Gravy is! A dribble of "Jus" is just not the same!

Last night, at 0245 hrs, our alarm went off!

Ali had set it in order that we could witness the super moon/lunar eclipse. A fantastic,clear cold night to view it. A bit difficult to photograph from a boat that rocks, but I think she did rather well.

Then back to bed!

A late start today. We are moored next to a water point, so washer on for a clothing cleaning fest.

So we continue south on the G.U. for a day or so, before returning to Crick to collect the car once again. Next match a bit closer, in Leicester.

Miles 34
Locks 24 ( 7 broad )
Tunnels 2694 yds
Moveable bridges 2

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