Sunday, 12 April 2015

Getting Ready ....

The winter silence is over. Ok, not off yet, but getting there!

We have had the small matter of the BSS to pass first. This is the four yearly test boats must pass in order to comply with both the Licence and the insurance. As our boat is now four, it was due, our first!

Being moored at Crick, one fine engineer is available to us, David Hull, of DR Marine.

Last Tuesday was test day and Triskaideka passed with flying colours. Very minor work to bring her up to standard, a credit to her builder's, Ally & Neil from Beacon boats. David was impressed with the build. So once again, thank you.
After the test, service completed and we are nearly there.

She has weathered the winter well. Now de-winterized and systems tested, it is just the cosmetics that are needed before we leave for the summer cruise.

Next job, a thorough wash and polish. Then hopefully, off

The old girl looks good even before the exterior TLC.

Roll on the months end!

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