Thursday, 17 November 2011

A trip to see the seals

We are settling into life at home, John is feeling much better, his cold has nearly gone!

Yesterday we went to Donna Nook to see the Grey Seals, it is one of the largest seal colonies in the UK.  Its a seal watchers paradise at this time of year as the seals come in to give birth and the bulls also come in to mate, so there are lots of seals on the dunes.  We saw lots but there are still many more to arrive so we may go back in a couple of weeks.  Its an amazing sight, but its not just the sight, the sound is also very eerie, we saw a couple of bulls fighting as well as many pups, some which were only hours old.   As the tide was coming in, we could see more arriving in the distance.  Whats weird is this is a bombing range for the RAF, as you can see on some of the photos below (they do stop at this time of year).

Lunch time


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhh! some lovely pictures of the pups, what a lovely place to visit. Glad you are still blogging.
    Doug and James x

  2. Hi - Suprisingly I've never heard of this spot. Must make a visit some time. Seals are fab and you've caught some nice expressions on their faces!!

    Tim @NbAnnie

  3. Hi Tim

    Thanks for the comment, the seals are only there for a short time, they usually arrive November and have all gone by the end of December!



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