Sunday, 6 June 2021

Happy 10th Birthday

10 years ago today Triskaideka was launched!  We have done a quick rough calculation and we think we have covered just over 5500 miles in that time, far from the whole canal system, there are parts we don't fancy, and bits that Ali won't do (Ribble link!) But we have travelled extensively, visiting the Cities of Leeds, Liverpool, Gloucester & Bristol and of course many places in between, lots of stunning British countryside and not forgetting some fabulous watering holes along the way.  We have met some fantastic people on our travels many of which we now call friends!

Our favourite location still seems to be the North West, hence the numerous visits, but in height of summer the Thames takes some beating, and where else can you stay Thames side for £10 a night! And to have the Leicester line as our home canal is just a bonus!

Our boating pattern has changed over the last few years for various reasons (normal life) but recently we have realised more so than previously how fortunate we are to have the boat.  No worries about booking a staycation just load up and untie, being so close to the marina from home (10 minutes drive) is another plus.

We never planned to keep her 10 years, but plans change and we are so pleased that she is still ours, not quite as shiny as on launch day, actually no where near due to far too many miles travelled but still looking good 10 years on!

We are moving our blog to a FB page if you would like to come with us then please search  NB Triskaideka

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